About Us

TREE, Training and Resources in Early Education, established in 1984, a non-profit, Early Childhood Development (ECD) Resource and Training Organisation, has worked towards a vision of assisting adults (mostly women) from disadvantaged communities, to provide their young children with access to qualified ECD programs, that promote the child’s holistic development, support, health and welfare.

TREE believes that all children should have access to quality, sustainable early childhood development so that they can develop to their full educational and personal potential.


TREE's head office:

69 Krishna Road




031 579 4711

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TREE's vision is to ensure that young children develop to their full potential in line with their rights and needs.


TREE's mission is to promote quality holistic Early Childhood Development and care for children age 0-4 through: 

- The creation of an Early Childhood Development Enabling Environment. 

- Capacity building focusing on quality education and training programmes for those responsible for the care of children. 

- The provision of and increasing the access to appropriate Early Childhood Development resources. 

- The promotion of sustainable programmes. 

- Lobbying, advocacy and establishing partnerships with relevant stakeholders. 

- Continuous monitoring, evaluation and reflexive review.